Celergen Serum Royale

Repairs and renews at the cellular level. Moisturizing Serum for Her & Him.

Celergen Anti-Aging Serum

Intercept skin aging where it begins.
Rejuvenation of the skin at the cellular level.

Celergen’s Swiss BIO DNA Cellular Regeneration Serum is a powerful, nutrient rich formula that transforms your skin, by visibly improving hydration, firmness, wrinkles, elasticity, lines, age spots and the presence of pores.
Our proprietary formula repairs and renews at the cellular level, boosts natural collagen synthesis and reverses the aging process where it begins.

279.00 CHF

“I am using Celergen Serum Royale twice a day, followed by my usual skincare. It is a perfect base for my day make-up and my skin glows”
Vittoria Vanini, Switzerland

“I have discovered Celergen and am taking both, the Capsules and Serum for 5 months now and like it very much. The Serum is very hydrating and the tension of my skin has improved”
Josef Zander, Austria

“I appreciate, that the Serum Royale gets absorbed very quickly and I have the feeling that it goes deep into the skin layers. I use it after shaving”
Omar Aziz, Dubai

“Celergen Serum Royale is deeply moistening and people keep telling me I look fresh even after a late night with less sleep”
Edith Lehmann, France

“Gives a pleasant feeling on the skin, the scent is nice and it is a super gift – for both, my female and male friends.”
Doris Wagner, Germany

“I love this serum for my daily routine and it is such a lovely packaging/dispenser”
Sanjay Tam, Hong Kong


The Transformative Power of Cell Nutrition

The human body contains some four trillion cells which need constant renewal as old and weak cells are replaced by new ones.
In healthy young individuals, the division of cells takes place regularly in an energetic and balanced bio terrain. Growing older slows down this process. Increased pollution, solvents, heavy metals, parasites, stress, improper nutrition, smoking, processed sugar, and alcohol weaken this renewal process even more. When the biological clock is disrupted, the connective tissue matrix, organs, and immune system begin to malfunction.

Celergen cell nutrition can block these disruptions by supporting the body’s natural rejuvenation process. By providing proper nutrition to damaged and dead cells, cell nutrition can combat the aging process and extend youth, energy, and vitality.

Unlike other cell therapies, which involve injections, Celergen comes in an oral soft gel. The enteric coating of the soft gel protects the micronutrients while passing through the stomach’s hydraulic fluid, allowing the micronutrients to reach the intestines and be absorbed into the blood system where they go to work restoring and rejuvenating individual cells.