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Celergen is the 1st Cell Therapy Supplement that works on cell renewal & stimulation to delay and retard our aging progress. Cell therapy today helps us fight ageing and maintain youth, energy and vitality. Celergen stimulates the body’s own healing and revitalisation process with long-term effects. Researched and developed in Switzerland, clinically proven.


Rejuvenation of the skin at the cellular level.
Celergen Serum Royale helps to prevent moisture loss and treat invisible, deep seated inflammation, repairing damage by stimulating the turnover of skin cells and boosting collagen synthesis.

“Aging is inevitable, but with the latest advancement in Cell Therapy, Aging can be arrested significantly.”


The human body contains about 10 billion cells, which arise after conception from one unified cell through multiple cycles of division.
This process of renewal continues throughout life, as old and weak cells get replaced by new ones.

In healthy individuals, the division of cells takes place regularly. However, as we grow older, this process begins to slow down. Stress, pollution, environmental influences and unhealthy lifestyle tend to suppress this renewal process even more.

As a result, the nature’s biological clock becomes disrupted, leading to malfunctioning of our tissue matrix, the organs and the immune system.
Modern Cell Therapy is a potent transformative treatment which triggers the stimulation, rejuvenation and renewal of our cells. This renewal or healing process is critical to keep our body tissues and organs in optimal health.

Cell Therapy today helps us to fight aging and to maintain youth, energy and vitality.

Myself and my patients are convinced

Having seen proof of what Celergen can do, in both myself and my patients, Celergen marks the beginning of a new era in how we approach the activation of cell regeneration in our body.

Dr. Brigitte Bollinger

Specialist FMH for Dermatology and Venerology, Medical Center Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Rolls Royce Of Supplements

“Celergen is a remarkable tool that can help improve our wellbeing on multiple levels. It is the Rolls Royce of supplement for the human body.”

Dr. Uzzi Reiss

Founder of the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center for men and women

Secrets Of Vitality And Longevity

“No surgery. Celergen heals the tear on my left knee meniscus.
Celergen really works wonders, by directly affecting the immune system, regenerating, rejuvenating, reducing inflammation and creating a more youthful looking, energetic personality.
Moreover, I had a complete tear on the left knee meniscus. The orthopedist advised me go for surgery. I refused. I took Celergen: and now, I have no more problems and I will soon do a second MRI to verify the result. I now strongly endorse this product having experienced its effects.”

Dr. Michael Klentz


Mood Elevation

“My overall mood and outlook have definitely improved. I feel more energized and focused.”

Dr. Nina Svino

Esthetic and Lifestyle Dentistry, Seattle, WA

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Without injections, Celergen offers youan Anti Aging Cell Therapy in soft gel capsules.

Celergen’s scientists, after intensive research, have discovered the powerful anti-aging properties in deep sea marine life. They have harnessed the power of this underwater treasury to formulate the Bio DNA Cellular Marine Complex.

This is produced from premium quality marine life by Celergen’s exclusively patented proprietary biological DNA extraction technology.

This superior extraction technology prevents the depolymerisation of
the active ingredients and guarantees the potency of the product.

Maximal absorption is also guaranteed through the capsules enteric coating, which makes sure, that the precious ingredients do not get dissolved in our stomach, but in the small intestine, where the peptides can cross the intestinal boarder.

Celergen is clinically proven and potently encapsulated with the essential elements of Marine DNA Cellular Extracts which are known for their supreme rejuvenative, regenerative and anti-oxidant properties resulting in immense energy, enhanced vitality and ageless beauty.

Active Ingredients

Fresh Power for Your Cells

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex, the most potent ingredient in Celergen, is an all-natural complex obtained from marine species living in pollution-free, deep ocean waters. Clinical studies show that Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex has the following health benefits:

  • Reduces joint & muscle pain – Effectively heals back, hip, and knee pain associated with osteoarthritis
    Slows down cellular aging – Counteracts damage caused by free radical attacks on DNA, proteins, and enzymes, which extends the life span of cells throughout your body
  • Enhances vitality – Improves stamina during workouts and speeds up recovery
  • Boosts energy levels – Noticeably reduces overall physical and mental fatigue
  • Improves mood and quality of life – Reduces anxiety and depression as well as improves sleep quality
  • Increases brain function – Enhances memory and sharpens mental concentration
Peptide E Collagen

Peptide E Collagen, another of Celergen’s essential ingredients, is made up of all-natural collagen and elastin peptides in the same proportions as that of human skin and can be maximal absorbed. Clinical studies show that Peptide E Collagen has the following health benefits:

  • Youthful, glowing skin
    Lifted and toned loose skin, protection against environmental damage, and minimization of apparent lines, wrinkles, age spots, and scars within a few weeks
  • Relief from rheumatoid arthritis
    Ends progressive damage to cartilage and other joint-related ailments Pain relief for fibromyalgia.
  • Pain relief in fibromyalgia
    Prevented pain transmission and inflammation inside joints by allowing collagen fibres to reform, which improves the condition of cartilage. Easy absorption in the body and fast accumulation of cartilage makes Peptide E Collagen an effective therapy against rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
Hydro MN Peptide

Hydro MN Peptide, the third of Celergen’s essential ingredients, is a marine cartilage extract that contains a mix of hydrolysed proteins, mainly Collagen, and polysaccharides (35-40% chondroitin sulphate). Clinical studies show that Hydro MN Peptide has the following health benefits:

  • Delays skin aging
  • Protects against UV radiation and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and dilated capillaries
  • Maintains skin tone
  • Significantly improves the skin’s moisture balance, which maintains texture and elasticity
  • Protects against osteoarthritis damage
  • Rebuilds cartilage and other joint structures damaged through osteoarthritis
  • Improves joint mobility and reduces pain

Celergen combines three natural compo­nents – chond­roitin, gluco­samine, and col­lagen – proven to be effec­tive and safe in the long-term treatment of osteo­arthritis. Hydro MN Pep­tide also protects both skin and cartilage from damage.

Natural Lutein

Natural Lutein is very good for the eyes and reduces the risk for macular degeneration. In addition, lutein may help protect against atherosclerosis, the disease that leads to most heart attacks.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is an important vitamin-like substance required for the proper function of our organs and chemical reactions in the body. It helps to provide energy to cells and has antioxidant activity.


Selenium is good for the reproductive health, of both, women and men and reduces the Risk of Cancer and thyroid diseases.

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